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I hope that 2015 treated you well and you're looking forward to '16 as much as I am.  With that said, it's time to do the "Year in Review" post that most everyone does, but I'm going to spice it up a bit.  

 Instead of my work from The Jacksonville Business Journal  for just 2015, lemme throw in 2014,  2013, 2012, and 2011.

It's been a good 5 Years at Jacksonville's Business Paper of Record, so where better to share some of that work that here.


Also, I did a bit of writing.

"Five Minutes With..." is a Q&A section with some of my favorite subjects over the years, where I drop in on them and see what's new.  


Maria CoppolaMaria CoppolaCoppola Public Relations Owner and Jacksonville Business Journal 2009 Woman of Influence Maria Coppola

Public Relations Maven and all around Bad Ass Maria Coppola caught me up with how her year was going. 


Gwen Griggs launched a new Legal Service that caters to companies not quite ready for full time counsel. Her 5 Minutes was Fascinating


Finally, As Allison Korman Shelton joined The City of Jacksonville, we had a chat about her time in the private sector, why she decided to go back to public service, and the regional challenges in the years ahead.  



Thanks as always for stopping in and Happy New Year. 


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So, It's about time... https://www.rockawayphoto.com/blog/2014/9/so-its-about-time As the sporting world considers what appears to be a tidal wave of Villainy, I needed a break. 

 I've been so busy with my work at the JBJ, that I've been neglecting my personal work and realized it's time to change that up. 

So, with that said Rockaway got a facelift, and It's time to start blogging.  More than likely, I'll use this space to direct visitors to the Portrait work at the Bizjournal and who knows what else.

With that said, let me introduce you to a retrospective I did last year. This is a work of personal pride, but didn't really get the traction I thought it deserved.  This work highlights several Jacksonville area Businesswomen.  I hope you enjoy it.




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